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Program Costs

October 22, 2017

Program Fees

Application Fee

Nonrefundable Application Fee

$      75.00

TEA Technology Fee

If you are admitted into the program, this fee is forwarded to TEA for technology applications related to certification

$      55.00

Pre-Service Fee

The pre-service fee includes all preparation classes from January to August. Books and materials are included in the pre-service fee. The first $750.00 is non-refundable and due the first night of class in January. The remaining $750.00 is collected in three monthly payments from March to May.

$ 1,500.00


Teaching Fee

For candidates who secure employment during the school year the fee will be collected through payroll deductions over a 10 month period.

For those who choose clinical teaching, the fee will be collected in 4 payments of $875.00 each during the 14-week clinical teaching experience.

$ 3,500.00


Additional Fees to Other Agencies:  State Tests and Certification Fees

Content TExES (paid to ETS)

$ 131.00

Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities TExES (paid to ETS)

$ 131.00

Special Education TExES (paid to ETS)  - Test is Optional

$ 131.00

ESL TeXes (paid to ETS) – Test is Optional


Probationary  or Intern Certificate (paid to SBEC)

$  52.00

Fingerprinting (paid to SBEC)

$ 47.00

Standard Certifcate (paid to SBEC)

$ 77.00


Extension Fee (for year two if needed)                                                          $200.00/month

Out of Region Probation                                                                                         $700.00


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